Mouse problems! I NEED HEEELP! ><

Look, I&#039;ll explain. I&#039;m not a beginner in computing, I&#039;m more of an intermediate user, but what&#039;s happening has no explanation for me. My left mouse button &quot;lost&quot; some functions. For example: He is no longer clicking on the mini map, that is, when I click on the mini map to give that &quot;TP&quot;, or to see what is happening on other lanes, it simply don&#039;t go. When a Kalista uses her ultimate, I can not engage because of the left button. I can not use the usable items or recall the base with the click, and for other things, the click works, for example, upgrade skills, buy itens in the store, things like that. I thought I might have altered something unintentionally, restored patterns across all the options tabs, especially in shortcut tabs, with no result. I reinstalled the League of Legends because I thought it would solve. Anything. I uninstalled the League of Legends by the Windows uninstaller, to see if I removed any residual from the operating system game, I entered the site, I downloaded it again, I installed everything again ... SAME PROBLEM. I tried to repair LoL, by the option to repair that it has inside the client, nothing ... I tried to repair by the repair button that has before the new client, in the old one when it tells you that it made the update obligatory, NOTHING! After countless tests, google searches, youtube searches, I can only see if you can solve this for me. Thanks for listening. PS: I just tried another account of mine and it is NORMAL! I did something wrong but i can&#039;t figure it out what!!! Help me! Someone &Ccedil;_&Ccedil;
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