Loading screen issue in Summoner's Rift map

Here I am, trying to play some ranked solo games just to complete missions ( I mostly play ARAM) and have completely forgotten the reason I quit playing Summoner's Rift. Ah but the game had to remind me of it. This happens to me like 2-5 SR games out of 10 I play on average. Everything goes well in champion selection screen. Loading screen comes up. Everything good so far, the bar is slowly loading up to 100%, ping is normal and then, nothing. It just gets stuck at 100% (not frozen, just eternaly loading) while the actual game has already started and I'm still stuck in the loading screen for some reason. And then I'm in a dilemma where I don't know if some other player is just slow loading and everyone is waiting or its me and I have to Alt+F4 and reconnect which takes about 3-5 minutes due to my old and slow PC. Anyway I end up getting reported for AFKing if there's no remake or falling behind in lane for obvious reasons. I don't know what to do anyomore since there's no way of telling the other 9 players' loading percent which some years ago you could actually see it. Note: It has never happened when playing Howling Abyss (ARAM)

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