Error code 003 [13th June 2018]

Hello everyone! It's come to our attention that there are an abnormally high rate of 003 errors today, so we thought we'd give you guy some instructions on how to fix this. > Error 003 is the response we get, when the client and patching server have trouble keeping a stable connection. *** #Solution 1 You can manually force a repatch by deleting the content of a certain folder. * Go to your League folder and find this specific folder Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\ (or your highest number) once you've found it, delete everything inside. * Launch League with admin rights and the game should update. Since this is the easiest solution, please try this first. *** #Solution 2 Next up comes the Hextech Repair Tool, it's perfectly safe and easy to use. You can download the tool [HERE]( If for some reason you're unable to run the HRT (even with admin rights) please proceed to the other solutions. *** #Solution 3 ######If you've made it this far without solving your issue, please give us a poke, as we may require additional information. * Temporarily disable your firewall and Anti-Virus program while trying to patch the game, remember not to roam the internet while your safety features are disabled. *** #Solution 4 Assuming it is a networking issue, try rerouting your connection using a free VPN, while patching. HotSpot Shield (HSS) is a program that is used to test your connection routing path in very specific cases. You can download the tool [HERE]( * Download & Install HotSpotShield * Let it update * Try to launch the LoL-Patcher as an admin *** Remember to leave a comment to help us keep track of the situation.
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