Insane delay

Hi, to keep this brief, I just want to ask if anyone else is having a ridiculous delay for the past 2 days? In-game I have 27 MS and over 350 fps and yet, I still lag, and as the game progresses, it gets worse and worse, and League is the only game with this issue for me atm, every other games, videos and everything is working fine so there is something wrong with the server connectivity. Orange is my Internet provider and as I recall, 2 days ago there seem to have been issues with Orange not connecting properly to Riot servers, and I think that while it has been resolved because you CAN actually connect to the game now, it still has some issues remaining. To be honest its playable till about the 10th minute of the game, but past that its just 2-3 sec delay when in a team fight or when fighting anything really, when I just run around it doesn't seem to happen.

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