Unbalanced normal match making

I recently bought Zed and wanted to play a few games to learn his mechanics at first I played bot matches just so I don't ruin other peoples games, it was kinda lame because bots are to weak and I ended up with a score like 35/2/? after a few bot matches I decided to try my luck in a few normal games and here is where the game has a major flaw from my point of view. I ended up 1 v 1 mid with Yasuo and guess what he was a Platinum 5 player and mastery level 7, so my chances against this Yasuo were like 0.001%, there was no way I could do anything about it and just as a comparison my rank is Silver 3. So yeah my point to all of this is "why is this so unfair?" I just want to learn a new champion, why can't I do that with players that have the same level of skill as me? Like that dude just destroyed me... I got first blooded at level 1, how is that even possible? I added some screenshots with my profile and his and the match stats at the end just to prove that I an not exaggerating about all I said in the above. I hope this post will be seen by a moderator and look into this issue. https://ibb.co/i87daR https://ibb.co/jdCBvR https://ibb.co/c5vQN6
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