HI, riot I got home from school to play lol. then I saw that I am permabanned. in the start, I thought it was me being toxic and the email was sent late or something. but I read when the game was going on what time and what I said. after coble of min. discovered that when the game was on I was in school IT wasn't me. I change my password and locked out of all devices. I am scared that I am hacked not just in lol but other things like email and stuff. I have ride somethings to u on twitter to get the account back I got 0 support. that's why I ride her. if u contact me on private I will send u other information. :D > hope really u can get it back I was soon in silver and lol is my life I play lol every day. I will be grateful if u contact me. the name I used on Twitter is: DODAR47.and that's my name on lol. and in some games I am toxic but that it said I said it was too much. I knew it wasn't me. I am so scared I will not even say noob anymore. :D hope u can support me bye****
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