I am Stuck in a unable to play LoL circle:( Please help

Patch 5.3 Installation Problems at 99% [EUW] * /r/leagueoflegends
I and some other poeple in the LoL forum have problems with installing this Patch, a error...
So basically after patch 5.3, i haven't been able to play LoL. So at first i finished the update but it was in the morning whne the servers were down so I couldn't login. So later that after i open the update screen and find its stuck on 33%. 2 hours later, 20000 files checked, 0 progress. So then i changed lol clients priority which did nothing to help me. So i read this thread on how to fix that and i did all of them and reached option 4 and so i delted the file and started again. 1 hour later its at 99% and it just gets stuck. So i close it and then it wont come up until i run it as admin. AND THEN ITS BACK TO 33%!!! Please help ;'({{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
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