Please someone just help me

there's one thing that i surpass many other person, may even the king of League, Faker. Is the fact that i really enjoy the game more than anyone else, it's not just a game for me, but a way to « take to the bed » most of my health problem and this for the length of a game. It's probably obvious that i'm not the best league player, but i do my best to improve myself, and to give help to people in the lowest division than I, i do my best to learn more everyday and day after day to learn them back when they ask me, and it's happens often, i spend alot of time to their, to learn them tricks that seem basic to you or me, but they do not think of it and i do my best to cheers them up, to not give up and try to climb. Obviously I'm not the best analyst, but I just have the heart of a fan. I do my best to encourage players and even if sometimes I'm a bit trash by saying that I do not love such a person or such a team, I am still admiring what they do every day in making their possible to be the best and improve their self. (Except loulex of course, he suck more than I ) I'm not the nicest invocator,quite the contrary, i'm even a bit nasty or trash, but i do my best when i can to help people even on the summoner rift than in real life. What i mean by all those thing that, i'm probably not the best, i would never be, but i do a lot of effort for something that i see more as a medicine than a game, and that even if i improve again and again to be better, in hop to be of service to few peoples that need me. People dont realize it, but it's a real pleasure to play and hang out the time of a game from the hospital and all the cares of life. The thing that everything as disapeard, when i saw that i got banned from league until 22 22:22:22 UTC 9001 for using third party software, but i never did something like that. I'm not into this shit, i'm someone who play to enjoy the game, i just used three thing on my whole life in league of legends, maybe 5 with curse voice. The first one was : i use it like once per month because people bought me alot of mistery skin since i help them and they're greatfull. The second one : to put korean voice but i didnt did it since three months. The third one : was an apps chat that you can found on Android Apps store, they're is the and the last one was curse voice : Now that i lost everything i have i'm just depressed this account was everything for me, it was more than a game.. It was something like an cure for me, to keep my minds away from the hospital, i already prove it before that i loved league and it's helped me alot . Please help me the support isnt helping, just answering bot reponses i'm really dying inside. Here my account : / I was Heart Yun Seong back in days. Edit : An quick edit about my situation, i learned that i got ban because i used korean voice, with a software coming from reddit fronpage when no one told that's was illegal and a reason to get permaban Edit 2 : an french streamer got the same thing as i twitter : The second answer mean that he got unbanned when riot saw that he wasnt scripting but was just the voice changer. Edit 3 : how i feel now that i learned i'm not alone in this case : Edit 4 : a friends of mine did an reddit thread :
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