FPS drops

For idk how long (months), I've had FPS drops randomly show up in games. FPS would randomly drop from 100-140 to 01 (and visually, it was probably less than 1 fps) for 10-20 seconds before returning to normal. It occurs multiple times per match, usually a few minutes inbetween. This mostly occurs in days directly after league patches, Win10 updates or driver updates. After a few days to multiple weeks, it will disappear for a while before returning after a random patch of one of the above. It persists through windowed, fullscreen and windowed fullscreen. It happens with everything set to recommended (max) and on potato specs. It's not due to a bottleneck in CPU or RAM (I've monitored through task manager, both are at less than 60% when the FPS drops. I can't monitor my GPU but I would be surprised, as it's supposed to be the least likely bottleneck) I've reinstalled drivers, league (repair and reinstalled) and even disabled integrated graphics. None helped. XBOX bar is deactivated. I've tried disabling Antivirus, as well as everything else I could find running in the background. Nothing helps. (I don't have any viruses either, I've got kaspersky) My specs: Asus UX510UXK running Win10 with Nvidia 950M GPU i7-7500U CPU 8 GB RAM which, afaik should easily run LoL. It tilts the shit out of me, and I'd really appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.
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