Dear Riot, My friend told me in skype that he found a site to get free rp.. i told him that it it is not good to get because i just dont trust all of these.. but he said it is working because HE GOT RP... i still said no but in the end i said yes because he was begging me to go and get free rp too.. it said that it needed Name, Pass, Region, Comment and Captcha.. I typed all of them (my mistake i know) and didnt get anything (all of these happened yesterday).. and today when i logged in, all my rp WERE SPENT.. I HAD 1075 rp AND NOW I HAVE 65.. i went to see what the hacker bought but i didnt see anything.. PLEASE RIOT ... PLEASE DO SOMETHING.. I SPENT 20 EUROS PREPAID CARD TO BUY DARIUS AND GIFT BARD TO A FRIEND AND SAVED 1075 RP FOR JHIN.. if u dont believe me, see my account's rp before and after the things the hacker bought (somehow).. can u give them back pls (the rp) PLEASE {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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