This is annoying

I as a person enjoy league and like playing the game, but the "AFK" system is stupid. Let me tell you, yesterday I was trying to play cait but she got banned, so i locked in Ashe. I looked at the time and realized i need to get off league, so i dodged with 25 seconds left. Now today morning I log in and i'm greeted by the "You have been placed in a lower matchmaking queue" pop-up. And sure enough when i went to my match history, the game put me in that ashe game that i DODGED with 25 seconds left. Now leaverbuster isn't that bad but it's annoying. I dodged because i had to do something else, but it put me in the game and gave me a penalty? Why? This is the third time this has happened in less than 2 months, is there a way to solve this or is just a bug?
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