what to %%%% is your problem

i was afk in a game that they remade, 1 single %%%%ing game and you ban me with chat restriction and honor turned to 0 is that how you %%%%ing do think for everything. Is this becoming the worst %%%%ing game in the world is that what you are trying to accomplish. because you aint making any one behave better by doing this you are just making people pissed off and flame even more. AND on top of that you don't to shit to people that actually troll games by buying 6 same items and tell you its a long story why they troll, or people that are supp and steal your farm on purpose just because they didnt say anything offensive they get a free pass for that behavior. You need to rearrange you priorities, because you are losing players fast. Sad time for league of legens dying game because of poor management. PS: put an IQ test before you let people join the game its getting ridiculous.
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