Tribunal Jokes. Realy funny Ban ....

Well this is sad.... I join into a game and everything was fine, them sivir and soraka started bully each other and soraka ragequit... A minutes later i just said in All chat to report Soraka for Ragequit and them riven said that my mon have cancer, started ofending me and saying that i also had. I did not said anything to her she disrespected me in the worst ways i could ever find. Tribunal come on, a player wish cancer to my mother, father, me and i got 14 days banned ? are you joking? I hope this kid will never have any kinda of healt disease cancer-rellated .... How can someone have fun about cancer ? realy ..... I got banned ... i was getting verbally abused by a kid and i was trying to make her stop and defending myself without disrespect her and i got banned. Pls im so frustrated, this riven should get a perma ban and im the only who got banned? Ho god im still cant belive on this.... Well this is the chat logs, you cant see the riven coments, you only can see myself. This is not that helpfull because there is not the hole chat... I hope someone from the suport can post the hole chat team coments if that is possivel. Again im realy impressed..... oi cant unblock camera wtf i* Y dont not work i know it dont owrks this is a bug i need to relog fizz afk? go top fizz sivir reported good for you me too wtf pls can you play guys? soraka omg i will report her going bot fun game as always 1 rage quit kid soraka -.-" riven enjoy your report yes what you said deverse a perma ban muted guys can you report that riven at the end of the game? dude if i found you in real life you would not say that again trust me, you are so sad that gross to me 32 i hope riot perma ban you from your IP, your atitude is the worst i ever saw, you are sad kid tribunal cares riven riot care player like you should not play online games dude you cant wish cancer to me and my family that is the worst thing you can ever saw i hope you will never face it in life kid, cancer is not funny no point to joke about cancer i will just report you, you made me realy sad i cant even focus anymore this society is so fu.cked up finish pls not even fun to play tanks for destroying my game riven i hope you get perma banned that is the minimum that riot can do for you dude dont talk about Hardstyle pls finish pls this is sad as i can see in your atitude mine is fine and yours is not fine have fun kids and learn what is respect people can be relax and respectfull at the same time ..... yes all the enemy team fizz not spam report for verbal abuse or ofensive language verbal abuse or ofensive language yes pls I also love this part of the mail that tribunal sent me... - "Your peers judged your behavior to be far below the standards of the League of Legends community. Think through the conversation and reflect on your words. League is an intense, competitive game, but every player deserves respect." Riven was with 2 more friends, so is probably that i got 3 reports because the will defend the troll friend... Btw this part is funny "...but every player deserves respect. " A player who wishes to me and my family cancer and i did not disrespect him. Trust me, i was getting realy sad by her atitude and i was tryng to be respectfull the much as i could.. Btw Goog Job tribunal, this is funny and tanks for banning a person who was being insulted! Sry for my bad English :\ Tanks for your atention ^^

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