What do people think about this refund reason?

I bought the chroma blitzcrank bundle and as I joined team builder I went to use the skins but I couldn't see them.. I thought it'd need me to restard the client so I did. Tried again and it still wasn't working and so I googled how to use chroma skins and I found somewhere saying that they aren't available in team builder. I only play team builder so I was bummed out! But the problem was that it didn't say it anywhere in the store and I had no clue it wouldn't work in team builder. I sent a ticket off explaining it and got a pasted reply back saying that people get 3 refunds per account if people regret or accidentally guy something, and I've used them. But I didn't accidentally buy them or anything, they just didn't work in the game mode I always play.. I would not have bought them if it said in the client that it doesn't work for team builder, it's not because I decided I don't like them after buying them.. I honestly feel mislead. What do you guys think? I'm not a complainer and I've regretted buying skins in the past but I haven't contacted support as it was 100% my own fault, but this time I feel mislead.

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