riot games and leugue of legends

hello guys i was playing yesterday one game before you get the problem to log in i finish the game and i cant even honor a team mate game was done and in my screen was reconect anyway than we get the problem to log in and we win i8i have a win in my hestolry yesterday and ii dont get my lp! and i polay right one game and i have a guy that was 103 cs at 42 minutes game and kda 3 16 somthing and you not clean this game some ppl like to play n ot oinly for fun but also to improve i cant! play games and loose 18 6 10 ty to one guy tha say at chat i will go feed more bcs he is tilted its your jib to do somthing for thgose guys that the other ppl that love this game play with more enjoy ..ty league of legends an d riot games keep it up ...and not only for your marketing with the skins ...

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