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Frequently asked questions

Q: When will I get my ranked rewards?

Your rewards should have been added to your account already. In case you did not receive your rewards, please check below if you weren't disqualified for them.

In case you are sure you are eligible for this season's ranked rewards but did not get them, please contact Player Support.

Q: What will get me disqualified from earning this year's rewards?

  • Having an active suspension or chat restriction at the end of the season
  • Having received a suspension (7 days or longer) in the 3 months prior to the end of the season. Meaning issued on August 7th or after.
  • Having received a suspension for boosting anywhere during the 2016 season

Note: People having their accounts suspended for fraud-related (including Chargeback bans) and accidental/false bans will still be eligible.
Note: Low priority queue should not have any influence on ranked rewards.
Note: Not qualifying for this season's rewards doesn't make you ineligible for next year's rewards.

Q: I qualify for the victorious skin, but I don't have Maokai?

People who qualify for the victorious skin but do not own the champion Maokai will also get Maokai the champion with the skin.

Q: The in-game rewards display doesn't display my actual rank!

This is a known bug. Upon navigating to "Leagues" the screen might tell you you're a different rank than what you really are. This is purely visual and shouldn't have an influence on your actual rewards.

Q: On what rank are my rewards based?

Your rewards are based on the rank you had at the end of the season (7th November).

Neither your highest achieved rank nor the rank you achieve in pre-season will have any influence on this year's rewards.

Q: I only got a part of my rewards!

Rewards are given out in waves. So it is possible to get some of your rewards, but not others at a certain time.

[Resolved] There currently is a bug regarding players who did not own Maokai having received Maokai the champion, but not his victorious skin. This is being worked on and rewards should hit your account before the 22nd November.

Q: What are the rewards?

For that, please check out THIS LINK.

Q: Will I decay in pre-season?

Nope, this is disabled.

Q: Does ranked play in pre-season matter in any way?

Not for this year's rewards, but it will have a slight influence on the calculation of your new rank next season.

Q: When does the new season start?

The 2017 season will begin during patch 6.24. This is aimed to be at around the 7th of December but can change!

Q: When and how does my rank reset?

At the start of the new season ranks will softly be reset. This means you'll have to play your provisionals again and based on your performance in those games, your rank in the previous season and in lesser parts the rank during pre-season, your new rank will be calculated.

For more information, check out THIS ARTICLE.

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