I would like to be polite but i dont see the point now. So tired of having to reboot my pc and reconnect in the middle of a ranked game coz the game freezes. It happened several patches ago, and it has started happening again now. Back then i made a post about it response.. I looked on the forums again and saw countless of other players making posts about this too. I scrolled response to them too. Its pretty clear riot dont give a %%%% about how their game runs and about us players. As long as the store is working and they pump out new skins, and make small tweaks to champs each patch, %%%% everything else. The biggest game on the planet and they dont do anything about it. Its pathetic. (i got a high end newly built pc, with freshly installed windows and updated drivers + League is the only game i have issues with, so dont say its a problem on my end. This has been an ongoing issue for what? like 6 months? PATHETIC RIOT. PATHETIC.
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