My game freezes when anyone uses the Champion Catapult in ARURF mode.

Okay so, basically, whenever someone uses the Champion Catapult in ARURF mode, my game freezes for ~8 seconds then it alt-tabs out and back (basically a flickering black screen) in the game, usually taking about 15 seconds till I can actually see what is going on, most of the times I'm dead by the time my screen unfreezes. I have no idea what might be causing this issue, and yes, I have reinstalled the game just to make sure none of the game files are corrupt. I should also mention that something similar happens to GTA Online, but on there it crashes and its completely random. None of my other games freeze or crash. I have checked and my cpu/gpu temperatures stay under 65 C. I thought it might be my PSU but my whole system would crash, not just the game, also that is highly unlikely because I had an OC on my gpu and it never crashed my system or any games. My system specs are: i3-4170 (intel) Gtx 750 Ti (nvidia) 8 Gb DDR3 Ram (hyperx) AsRock motherboard 500w PSU Hope somebody finds a fix for this, I would really appreciate it. <3

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