A critical error has occurred and the process must be eliminated

Hello, since the last patch we got this error too. But in **OUR** case it might be more difficult. Im using the latest Version of the Software aster to split my pc into 2 users which can seperatly work on 2 Monitors, Keyboards and mices at the same time. for 3-4 months my girlfriend and I started to use this Software to play league. simply installed league two times on different ssd's and started it. But now, when we both enter the loading screen the game crashes and shows the message "A critical error has occurred and the process must be eliminated" then a Dump .tmp file with a size of 1-2gb gets created ( cant debug it with normal Tools ). we already have reinstalled Windows and aster, uninstalled anti Virus, stopped the Service superfetch. reinstalled league, tryed windowed mode.. when only one starts league there is no Problem but when the other user enters the loading screen both crash... ( no Problems in other games like overwatch ) this is the leagueclient log from the first user: _https://pastebin.com/nMPaN4rS_ and this from the second: _https://pastebin.com/0xXL8aiy_ this the process list : _https://pastebin.com/X1AQ7K9e_ actually im not sure whats causing the error and how to fix it. my first thought was that Windows makes any problems, i tried different fixes from Google, Nothing worked so i reinstalled Windows. now with only aster and league installed it still doesnt work.. after reading some post i think its a Problem with the league Client, cause this only happens since the latest patch.. Maybe you can help us.. dont want to buy a second pc for my girlfriend just to Play together with her....
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