Be careful when creating a new account...

So, here I am deciding to make an account so that I can try out ranked, trying to decide what name I want to have. Using a name checker I found a name I wanted and upon finding it free, tried to make an account for it, only to be told it was already taken. I tried many different combinations of numbers in different places in the name, shortening the name, etc. But it always said it was taken. Finally after many attempts I created an account and it took me to a different page and I have now got that account to lvl 7~ish. However upon checking my emails today I was taken aback. I now own all of the accounts that I was told were taken before as such... "Your login name: 0SorryIn9Advance0 Your login name: Sorry0In9Advance0 Your login name: 7Sorry71InAdvance8 Your login name: 7Sorry71nAdvance8 Your login name: 7Sry71nAdvance8 Your login name: Sorry0In1Advance Your login name: Sorry0In0Advance Your login name: Sry1nAdvance Your login name: 7Sry71nAdvnce8 Your login name: Sorry1nAdvance Your login name: Sorry0In10Advance Your login name: Sorry0In11Advance Your login name: Sorry0In9Advance Your login name: Sorry0In54Advance Your login name: SorryI0n10Advance Your login name: 0SorryInAdvance10 Your login name: Sorry0In72Advance Your login name: Sorry0In72Advance0 " These accounts all have been registered with me... (Excluding the one that I liked in the end that I have excluded from this list). I don't know what caused this (and if creating an account can be checked [and all of those accounts deleted] it would be helpful) but a tip to players creating an account would be, if you complete the Captcha and it stays on the same page check your E-mails, so you don't end up with this issue...

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