login/authentication/lobby error

Hi, yesterday i played ranked placement matches and finished them without any problems. When i finished last one, everything was fine and i got my rank. But then things started to be extremely buggy for example i got stuck in champion selection 3 times in row. In banning phase, i got freeze and im unable to pick champion(cause its not my turn). I just get stuck in lobby and then i get kicked out of the game with "unknown error ocured, sending report to server". Today i cant even login cause the same error occurs on and on. I had tried switching to beta client and there authentication last forever and even if manage to log in, i cant do anything, delay time is incredible. I also tried deleting lol air client and patching it again and disabling avast but nothing changes. I just cant believe i could play all 10 games without any problems and now i cant even log in. Help please!

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