Windows 10 Low FPS (welp me..)

I've always been using Windows 7 Pro, with a constant 80+ FPS however I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, (And before all you people say that I need to upgrade my drivers and stuff like that, I already have done.) So anyways, I reinstalled League on Windows 10 Pro and got into a game, and I've noticed that my FPS struggles to hover above 55.. And in teamfights, 40... And I've turned off Game DVR and and Game Bar recorder, and yet, still no change in my FPS. Notes: I used to run league on Very high settings, with shadows on Low or Off. Now I am forced to run it on Medium with shadows off and I still get low 40 FPS Am I doing something wrong? Or do I install windows 8.1, in hopes for better FPS? 'Cus right now that's the only thing that I see fit... If you guys can help me in anyway, please do! {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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