Patch 7.14 Serverlags?

Hello everyone, Patch 7.14 is out now for a couple of days and there are still plenty of bugs. The most (LP costing) thing is: since Patch 7.14 I and some others do have Ingame-lags. Between 0,5 and 5 seconds, where you simply can't do anything, the ping is steady, so are the FPS. Already reinstalled League of Legends, did the repair function, Updated the Graphiccard. No problems in other games, never had that problem before. It just started when Patch 7.14 came out and since we are playing it dayly, we can exactly know where those lags come from: the server. Please fix that, it is really annoying, it comes randomly, everything else moves constant but your own character. It is not like once a game but morely like once all 30 seconds. Somestimes longer, sometimes shorter. Please fix it, we really can say it is NOT from our computers, it always worked before and EXACTLY started with Patch 7.14. Thank you very much. Kind regards
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