[Resolved] Hacked and banned

About two months ago, I got hacked by some german douchebag. I got my account recovered after a week but turns out he hacked to win ranked games so I got banned for that 2 weeks later. I have spent more than €1200 on this account, yes, one thousand two hundred euros, and that's more expensive than the computer I'm actually playing the game on -.- Apparently, Riot can't lift a ban even if I have all evidence to prove myself innocent. How are you thinking Riot?! I played for like 1 year on like 4 ips in Sweden, then in January, someone wins ranked games from an ip in Germany (at least that's where he/she said he/she was from) and then I recover that exact account, then 2 weeks later, when I've spent another €300 or so, **YOU BAN IT**?! I had every single champion but 4, more skins than champions probably and 20 rune pages and masterypages, level 30, the double battlecast heads icon, Goalkeeper Blitz, Pulsefire, spiritguard... I even had some skins that the German guy bought for my RP which never got refunded, Blackthorn Morgana and some Ryze skin... I don't know how you are thinking but this is ridiculous, if you can't even refund the money spent on this account or transfer my stuff to another account, then every player should be worried of losing all they have bought just because some people can hack accounts. It's stupid.
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