My average ping is now higher and keeps increasing

So I am from Bulgaria and my ISP is Neterra, my Ping has now gone from 45 average on EUNE about 1 to 2 years ago to slowly crawling to an average of 76 now. About a 5-6 months ago it was an average of 60 and now I started playing league of legends again and it is now never under 70 and sometimes even goes up to 90. (average of 81 in EUW) The strange thing is that a VPN brought my ping down to about 60 and WTFast to 55 (63 in EUW). If even a VPN can fix my problem then that means there is definitely something wrong with my Ethernet Connection. I don't want to use VPN or WTFast because they both struggle to provide for a decent gaming experience, even if the ping is lower the jitter is wayy higher. There are some things to be noted: - I have tried on multiple PC's so Hardware solutions are excluded - I have tried Port Forwarding all Riot Related Stuff - All on Wired Connection.
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