Banned. Why?

_Look, I'm not a particularly great player._ I'll say it myself, I'm a noob, **however, I don't flame. ** I'm also by no means smart. In fact, **I have no clue how one would lay hands on "malicious 3rd party programs"**. I main Sona, and I don't think anybody would need such programs to play her. I don't even think they'd be useful. So, **please**, Riot, can somebody explain to me what happened? I've heard about accounts being automatically banned, is that the case, and if so can I ever get it back? I don't know why I got banned. I didn't update the client as soon as it came out, could that have anything to do with it? Nobody will explain anything about my case to me. The only other answer I can think of is that the person who hacked my e-mail tried the password on my league account, got in and messed around on it. I haven't had any solid answers. I've been trying for 2 months. I hate seeming like such a pity-case, but it happened at a really bad time. **Even if I can't have my account back, I'd at least like to know what I did wrong. **

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