Low Priority Queue is too harsh

**So, I know this is an old topic but I do still believe that it is an important topic to talk about**. ---> The low priority queue starts when you disconnect/leave a game and then for the next 5 games you have to wait 5/10/20 minutes before you can join the queue. **So, let me explain why this is too harsh**; 1) It punishes players that have technical issues such as their PC randomly crashing or have a bad internet connection which is not fair on that poor summoner that is trying to have some fun as it is going to make him annoyed and more likely to be raging which will lead to poor performance in game. 2) It occurs too often. At first it only happens after you disconnect/leave a set number of games but after some time it starts to occur almost after every leave. 3) It makes playing with friends harder as most of the time they will not want to wait 20 mins just for you and so you get isolated from your friends. 4) /remake is too harsh as well as 3 mins usually is not enough time to re-start a PC and log back into the client and get back into the game. **Personal Experience with Low Priority Queue**: ---> Now, i know that in the past before the system was updated to what it is today I admit that sometimes I used to leave some games and I totally except my punishment, but then internet problems started occurring and then suddenly I ended up in a 5 mins queue which wasn't _so_ bad. Then, more internet issues and from 5 mins it went to 10 mins and then to 20 mins. This lead to me leaving the game for about a year. During that 1 year away from League I got a "better" PC and a more stable internet connection so then i decided to re-install League (which took an eternity to do). When i come back I also find out that I still had that 20 mins queue timer from a year ago and I was like, really riot... ---> After some time I re-got the 20 mins queue twice due to some PC issues and the game not deciding to let me in a game. At this time right now, i got the 4th 20 mins due of PC which then I had to re-start the PC and the client only to find out that my team did a remake and so i got 20 mins and now I am no longer able to get hextech key fragments. **Something has to be done:** Riot, I know that my voice will most probably not be heard but i'm still trying and I also know that you try to make the Fields of Justice a better place for everyone but please make this system less harsh for those summoners who don't intentionally leave the game because of some random internet/PC issues. I would also like to hear from you people about what should be done to make this system more fair? Thank you for your time.
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