Why ARURF? Just URF or don't bring us with this tease of RNG ARAM with an URF skin.

Why keep it as ARURF? Why not give us the choice of choosing champs again like the first URF that released? Ban the champs that aren't meant for URF like you did with Sona and Hecarim. Don't force people to roll through the worst champ comp and be forced to sit there 10 minutes waiting to surrender to a team that is clearly a better team comp and snowballs the win. You even rewarded RNG by allowing Elder to spawn sooner for the luckier team to pick it up fast and snowball further. Why keep rng and force people to sit through an obvious loss while people are clearly toxic and gloat off an obvious win? https://i.imgur.com/cLU60np.png If you're doing this to kill off URF because of that report in Ask Riot where you said you lost players because of URF, just stop bringing it back. Don't bleed people with trying to hate it further and further with forcing into AR, then into winter only champs, then into rewarding people out of luck with elder. Either stop teasing people with URF hoping it's finally better and literally dump all your worst ideas into it that people hate it so much so you can say 'guess we have to cancel urf'. Or just say 'this is the last URF' after this one. If you're not trying to kill off URF, don't make it as painful as ARAM where we have to sit through the loss if a team gets lucky with the comp. It's actually worse than ARAM since you're rewarding luck as well. First year URF after the bans seems the best. (Also, I'm only allowed the options of 'Choose a Board' and 'Technical Support' so this sentence is here to justify both why I chose this board and why it now belongs here.)

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