DDOS still a thing? Cuz i think i'm a victim

I dunno .... Just played a ranked game and we were even up to the 20 min mark. We started doing some mistakes and i think the team score turned from 11-11 to 12-18. They got 3-4 towers and two dragons while having a dominant slow push going on for around 10 mins. We win a fight at Baron then later on get a 4 man kill and none dies in our team - we push their mid t2 tower and then moves to Baron. Approx 35 mins into the game. Now my char starts lagging out - classic LoL i thought. I restart the game and try to reconect and get some ''name'' related error. 4 mins later i'm writing this cuz i can no longer reconect and the game is gone. From the baron we would have stomped to an easy win and their team was openly flaming in the all chat. The timing of it and the style where all just lag out and the game vanish reminds me greatly of the DDOS stories of old. Any Riot insight in this? I dont mind missing out on that already won game, even though braking my lose streak would have been nice.... Just want some info
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