Perma Ban

Here it is!! This new season (s7) i was bronze after prommotional games,and i was playing league trying to climb the god damn ladder but obviusly noone can play without getting flamed or being annoyed from teammates wright after ur first mistake!! And if you try just to express your opinion they will report you even if they start it or even if u are trying to play and trying to "save" anything u can from that game....So its so so said... the fact that riot do not have controll over their players :( for exa.. i played so so many games with a "support" without sightstone and i allways report those players because they are not helping their team to win... they are simply trollers and nothing else ( this is my opinion). I main support and i always rush sightstone to try to provide viosion for my team but mostly for my ADC and i never leave my ADC in a 2v1 situation without covering his lane with wards... ANYWAY my point is i got perma banned for "flame" and toxic behevior for no reason at all i always try to convince our "support" to take sightstone but this ends every time being flamed or flaming because of them refusing to communicate with you!! Riot just answer pls i need to communicate with someone and to see if we can find a sulution or not.. pls send me your answer at this e-mail address **removed** THANK YOU!!!
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