is dynamic Q ruining soloq????

I just made a post saying I am quitting league because of the abnormality of mentally challenged players in Plat, then someone mentioned about dynamic Q and then I realised something, dynamic Q is boosting low ELO players to the point where me a diamond 5 player is struggling so hard to climb the ladder from plat. I have spent 5 days playing from morning to morning trying to climb the ladder to either win to a really bad team or loose with a really bad team there has not been a middle ground in those past 5 days. I wish I was just crying because i'm a bad but I swear to god these games I am experiencing are not normal, I can tell you 50 different scenarios of what has happened in my games that indicate the player is boosted by either a dynamic Q or a booster. the only way I can have fun is going on my gold smurf and just playing there where I don't care if my team or the enemy is bad or good but this makes the low elo guys have a disadvantage, dynamicQ is not healthy. As I am typing this up my blood is boiling out of frustration. dynamic Q has shifted the whole balance of the league rankings. RIOT keep dynamicQ but please give us the option to SOLOQ i beg you or I can not play another game any more I am upset and fustrated its giving me anxiety and making me very stressful

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