Old NA (now EU) account merging service back again - poll

Hi, I have contacted the support and asked for my EUW account, which started off as a NA account, to be merged with my EUNE account. Although the support couldn't help me, as such service was disabled back in 2016 when I wasn't there, I have been told now that if we have gathered enough people interested in having such an option restored for a limited time - specifically for people who started off in 2010 on NA and then moved to EU and would like their accounts to be merged with another EU account - then the devs could potentially bring such a service back for us. Therefore, can I ask all the people who fulfill the conditions and would like such a service restored for a limited time to vote "YES" in the poll? Other people, not interested or to whom the discussion doesn't apply, please, do not vote "No" (had to put it since it was required). Much appreciated! I hope we can make it, guys. Let's bring it on! Cheers!
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