Riot Player Support Excuses

Hello guys.So,i've sent 1 week ago a ticket to riot.The ticket was about my lol account stole and banned.Someone really stole my account and even changed my email so (of course) i cant get it back.I've created a ticket and i told them if they can give me my account back because as i said it was stolen.They say that they cant give it to me back because it was banned for flaming.Then,i've made a new ticket and i said that my account was stolen and banned (they said it was banned) and that was not my fault cuz it was banned and stolen.Riot told me that they cant be sure that the account was banned before it was stolen or after.I CANT UNTERSTAND THAT LIKE WTF??THE EMAIL WAS CHANGED!!How can they say to me that they are not sure if my account was stolen or not??Cant they track IP??For real this is a mega excuse and i dont understand that.I gave them all of the correct account information.This is really bad from them.It s just like they dont care.If someone from player support sees this please explain me WHY!!!{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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