Why would i lose LP for this?

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Well for some reason everyone loaded on 100% and I thought that it was some kind of bug or something but the game already started and I didn't realize that. After 5 minutes of waiting I force the client to close and reconnect in the game and it happens to be that 6 minutes of the game have already passed and my team didn't remake. I was the jungler, so is it my fault that top and mid had to loose lane and be 0/3 before I did? Is it my fault that I get blamed and shamed, while my mid goes 0/5 in less than 10 mins? Why am I flamed and why do I lose LP for this kind of bug. Also for that I had to restore client to a newer version. Can Riot at least implement a warning that we are stuck in loading screen and the game has already started or something like that?
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