dear riot , i just got permabanned .after my 14 day ban which was well deserved to me i have stoped flaming. i would haras my teamates or enemies in almost every single game thats why i got 14 day banned . but now my permabanned punishment is outragius. in my games of course i will have my arguement as all players have but not only i have stoped harasing my allies / enemies i have even stoped saying the word noob . not even oncein a game . in my last 2 games wich got me permabaned in one of them i joined loby .. my midlaner said he doesnt want to win and he caaled us f*g b**s . we joined the game and he all chated to report me for whishing him cancer. he said he will troll i told he him u think im scared of u ? u trash . in the end he ended up troling and losing the game for us.. i dont hink u are trash deserves permaban as in every game i join at least two players curse in the chat like 10 times.. 2nd game i had an arguement with enemy top laner which was greek as me . we both flamed each other in greek so we didnt tilt or alliess or enemies . just 2 people flaming each other for who is the best . a fight between 2 people both flaming each other . these are the reasons i got permabaned. PERMABANED Y ACCOUNT WHICH IS PLATINUM 3 AND I HAVE spent money on it is gone for and arguement with a player and a u are trash to a troller . riot plz i have spend my life in this account worked hard to be plat 3 and 2 games of not even minor harasing is a ridiculus reason to be permabaned . also in every every game i play i ALWAYS credit my team for geting a kill doing a play EVERYTHING I ALWAYS CREDIT THEM and i believe im now a positive overall player and even if i get flamed i answer with : ok , i aggree , or point out their mistakes so they stop flaming me . . i woild highly appreciate and unban or even another 14 day ban .. plz answer me. these are my chat logs : Game 1 anastashs02: GJ anastashs02: lvl irelia? anastashs02: ? anastashs02: yeye anastashs02: im sure about that anastashs02: :( anastashs02: ? anastashs02: ? anastashs02: lol 3 ganks anastashs02: and speak anastashs02: u would do shi if lee ddnt come to help u :( anastashs02: yeye anastashs02: ? anastashs02: ? anastashs02: XDDD anastashs02: lee 4 gaks top anastashs02: 400 ms ? :( anastashs02: gragas anastashs02: are u drunk anastashs02: get carried irelia anastashs02: from 3v1? anastashs02: and 4 ganks from lee in lane? anastashs02: lul anastashs02: thats why u need 5 gank :( anastashs02: and i stil win u lol anastashs02: yy anastashs02: i still win u :( anastashs02: cuz its a 5v5 game look at my bot.. if it was 1v1 game u would be bronze 5 anastashs02: th dikia sou thn poutana gamoane stamata na feedraeis anastashs02: u wasted r ignite.. anastashs02: XD anastashs02: u too good for me .. anastashs02: i wonder how can u be 2/4 with 6 ganks and i still win u 1v1 thats intresting.. anastashs02: u wasted ignite anastashs02: im smart to keep ignite.. anastashs02: poutsa anastashs02: ? anastashs02: dn ksereis poso kalo ine to ignite kai apla to petakses ides pos se exosa meta me to ingite? anastashs02: ponao pou gia akoma mia fora to antipalo top tha kouvalithei anastashs02: akoma kai an se kseftilisa :( anastashs02: ? anastashs02: ponas? anastashs02: 2/6? anastashs02: 2/6? anastashs02: ponese poli sory anastashs02: we can still win anastashs02: i oneshot caitlyn anastashs02: why dont wat me wukog anastashs02: ? anastashs02: we can still win anastashs02: we have wukong if h gets good combo anastashs02: re gamomane eisai 3/8 anastashs02: kai milas kiolas anastashs02: pooutanas gie anastashs02: caitlyn frozen malet? anastashs02: no? anastashs02: adc will always be oneshoted Game 2 anastashs02: zed u already got reported anastashs02: u think im scared of u ? anastashs02: u trash anastashs02: XXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD anastashs02: LOOOOOOLL anastashs02: XD anastashs02: he threatens all team to troll anastashs02: and he flamed from loby anastashs02: all report zed anastashs02: ? anastashs02: lee anastashs02: u anastashs02: why did u kic khim anastashs02: man he was 250 hp i left him for u anastashs02: u didnt e gim anastashs02: befor kick anastashs02: rito nerf rumble r.. 100 % slow anastashs02: flash? anastashs02: engage anastashs02: ? anastashs02: ? anastashs02: when amumu and ori cant click r and kill us all .. riot games anastashs02: stack magic resist.. anastashs02: zaira buid full ap we need ap anastashs02: no moresup items anastashs02: zed they are all low anastashs02: now that i got titanic it will be very easir to flash oneshot lucian.. anastashs02: free baron.. anastashs02: gift from lee anastashs02: I GO IN anastashs02: .. anastashs02: lee anastashs02: u could not solo anastashs02: next drake focus anastashs02: boots don win game anastashs02: if u give free baron u lose game anastashs02: 0 FOLOW GG anastashs02: this troll zed.. anastashs02: U THIN KBOOTS WILL WIN GAME anastashs02: lol anastashs02: this zed trolls man .. he said u free win .. anastashs02: he ets u
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