Connection time-outs in your client, it's more likely than you think

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a brief situation sketch: Have you ever wondered why people don't lock in their picks and bans in draft, and you just wasted 5 minutes in champ selection and have to queue up again? Sure, there are undoubtedly people who alt-tabbed out of the client out of boredom. Not surprising, considering they may have to wait two and half minutes (25s + 5x 25s) before they can lock in a ban, and then another 4 minutes before they can lock in a champ. But the long select timers aren't the issue I want to adress This seems to be happening too frequently to just be cause by this. And I have had the misfortune of experiencing the other cause a couple of times too: the dreaded ***CONNECTION TIME-OUT*** !!! In about 1 out of every 15 or 20 champ selects I get a connection time out, where a countdown timer goes down to zero and just stays there with nothing happening. And the longer you stay in champ select, the higher your chance of disconnecting. Mind you, this is not the same as a chat disconnect, sometimes you can still be registered in chat and can speak with your would-be teammates. There are 3 scenarios which can occur: 1) The good: I have already locked in a ban and a champ pick. No worries, everything will go on smoothly behind the scenes, you'll get a message about the time out and you'll be asked to rejoin the game you left 2) The thriller: I haven't locked in yet If all the other people take their time to lock in, they may just pass enough time that the client prompts the message "Your connection has timed out", then you get a reconnect button and if your turn to lock something in hasn't passed yet, you can panic lock something. 3) The bad: Nothing locked in, not enough time to reconnect You get timed out and your turn to lock something in runs out before you can reconnect to the server. Which then gets recognised as you dodging the game with the corresponding penalties of a lock-out before you can queue again or in ranked a loss in your promotions And before any "get better Internet" comments come in, I have a very stable connection and this problem doesn't affect my browsers or any other online games, it's a problem that's exclusively tied to the league of legends launcher, once the game starts it's smooth sailing. And no, repairing the client doesn't do anything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what are my proposed solutions: - If the client can't be fixed have it check for disconnections more frequently once you're in champ select. Now it takes a minute to a minute and a half before the message appears and we can force a reconnect with the handy reconnect button (which only appears in said error message). - Have a reconnect button in the client so that we can force a reconnect at any given time - Or if all else fails, leave a ban unpicked and lock in the preferred pick. Or give the choice to a teammate somehow. This seems to be the most implausible solution however since the client can't distinguish between a dodge and a connection time out.

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