Last game on flex queue I did queue up with 3 premades .. and I was chosen as supp so I chose Pyke{{champion:555}} .. So 1 of the 3 premades(The toplaner) banned my champ .. And they all typing in chat Pyke is useless bad champ and stuff like that .. That did really tilt me a ton so I run it down top .. Not the wise choice but they deserve it to worsen my league experience .. What surprised me is when I logged into my account the next day... I was SHOCKED that it was locked ????!!! and when I tried to recover it they asked me about some original email , old champs ,skins and stuffs from a Season 1 Account ??????? Ps: I know I deserve to get banned but Locking the account and needing infos for a season 1 account like champs bought and old email is what bothers me

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