Why is Riot refusing to acknowledge the issue on EUNE server for 3 days niw?

AS has been posted few times already, EUNE has been plagued with dc and fps issues foe 3 days now. Both affected me with FPS issues being solved by disabling Vsync which disables my freesync but in LoL I can live without it. I cannot fix DCs no matter what I tried. Releasing ports, limiting bandwith for every other connection on PC, I am not dropping packets. Nothing literally is wrong with my network. I can watch VODs as I get "Attempting to reconnect" message and start up Rust and play it online without issues. I am typing this as I am disconnected from client after the game in screenshot where I dc'd at least 20 times. Just waiting to get punished for things I am not at fault. Woohoo. For me this started happening the moment damn client updated. I wasn't even asked if I want to use it. I asked people in game if they had same issues, 2 people said yes. HEre's the speed test https://i.imgur.com/bF5PYAb.jpg Not the most reliable, but I literally did it as I am getting "Attempting to reconnect you to client blah blah" message Lines (blue and purple) indicate network stability, others are my speeds. Here's google's own network test https://i.imgur.com/2yXDCMf.png So will Riot please acknowledge this issue cause I haven't been able to play a game normally for 3 days now. Pinging the server https://i.imgur.com/SdhRzho.png
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