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So... After a few years of playing I think I've finally come to what the community calls "Elo Hell". I've been getting clueless teammates who feed their asses off every chance they get. And that's OK.. Every now and then. But this "Elo Hell" has been going on for too many games now, so I need someone to tell me exactly how it works, because this is what I understand is going on: Riot gives you a specific rank in which you play at (eg: Gold 3). By that logic you'd expect you'd be teamed with other gold 3 members, letting those who win most against others in your division rise above and get G2 and Plat and so on.. BUT I understand there's something called MMR. Which is basically like saying: %%%% this division shit, your true rank is this (some MMR number i see in op.gg). And so.. you play in your "rank" according to another rank which affects your game. If you lose a game, your MMR falls, yet your rank remains more or less the same. So if you've had 93 lp in G3 and you've lost about 4-5 games, you're now in G3 but with 0 lp. ALTHOUGH, you get teammates in lower ranks, since your MMR fell much harder. And so, your chances of getting back on a winning streak lessen.. A LOT. And this is where i find myself now. I play games in which i get 8/1/7 for example, but my teammates get 0/12 and so on, resulting in a sure loss which i can not avoid (again, its OK if this happens every now and then, but not 10 times in a row). Please explain to me how this works, am I right, and to what degree if at all. An easy way to solve this madness, in my opinion: 1) Show the players true rank, MMR or division, and STICK TO THAT - no "behind the scenes" calculations resulting in players going to an outside source to tell them what's going on. 2) Stop ranking players by how their team performed - Riot has introduced an individual ranking system a while back ago ranging from C to S or so. Why not use this? It makes no sense for someone to lose lp if he scored an S+ in a loss. I know people might think "But then everyone will take care of his own ass (or more specifically KDA, resulting in no one caring about winning the game", well, if you feed, you're doing neither, and if people try to die less, it's an active step to help the team winning the game, and I can go on and on about this... 3) Even more recently riot has introduced a new honor system. I believe they should take this one step further, let teammates rank each other (who helped most and who got dragged behind, or so), which would account for about 10% (as opposed to 90% given by the game itself, S-C as mentioned above). TL;DR - How does ranking work? Is MMR the real calculation? And do players get ranked by team performance?
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