Before you start, im sorry for my bad english, this isnt my motherlanguage and its very hard to me to speak that. Soo, the other day my friend said there is a program which can give you skins,and you can change the fonts. Ikr everyone know what i'm talking about, its Wooxy. First of all, i need a permission from the owner to download Wooxy, or open the site at all. I've sent a request nearly 2 weeks ago, but reply is 0. So i search, and search, but i didnt find any other method to download wooxy. If i did, i can only download wooxy, but the skins,fonts, and others, i cant, cuz its on mapskins, the site of Wooxy. My general question is how much time i have to wait yet? Or is there any other method to use this program? Thanks
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