I just got banned, even tho i didnt do anything wrong

About one Week ago i Played some games...logged out and everything was alright. 1 Week Later i watned to play again, but my Account didnt work. SO i opened a Ticket and i found out that my Account got hacked..the Guy played games and Transferred it to Russia Server. SO..i got my Account back, everything seemed to work out fine..but Yesterday i got an E-Mail that im a scripter and i got banned. The scripting happened with the guy that hacked me and played with my Account. Now that i showed them everything..and they got the Prove of me telling them about it..and they even giving me the hacked account back, they STILL keep the Ban and telling me that the Chapter is closed and i cant do anything about it. I mean..seriously..im Playing the Game since season 1, never got punished for anything, always playing fair ...and now im getting *** cause a hacker used a script on my account? this cant be right.... I hope someone else from riot will read this and look over the topic again... and yes..of course im mad now,..i did nothing wrong
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