I am thinking about quting ranked

So I was bronze 5 last season and this season I carried myself from bronze 5 to bronze 1 and almost hit my silvers series but since I failed them, and ever since my friendly ribbon was taken away from me, almost every single team I have been in has been really, really toixic and had no idea what to do. For example my last match (which got me demoted back to bronze 2) we did badly at the start, I was doing avrange in my lane with a fed zed who kept killing me under my turrent, but then we started to do good, I kept landing my tibbers in combo with mf ulti with worked out great. Now were were about to finish off the nexus, we pinged the yas to come and help, he just went for a kill that was running away and the inhib came back up, now even since this happned we were still doing really well, but yas was angry and just ended up running into the other team trying to penta kill because he was un-happy with his KDA. He kept doing this for around 5 times and time took its course, they broke into our base, aced us and won. I had a win rate of 71% and since I dropped from bronze 1 65lp and had my ribbon taken away from me i've been stuck with these teams who can't do anything and only care about their KDA and it's srsly annoying me and because of this my win rate had dropped to 65% I even took a long break and went to normals for quite a while, came back and yet still I am matched with these people who just have no idea what objectives are, I had a rammus take red insted of two turrents he could have got. So I feel like I want to quit rank because I can't improve because ranked isn't about skill or team work, ranked is just who has the retard on their team and who doesn't
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