key not getting recognized by the game/client outside textbox

hi :) im using a qwerty (PT) [heres a photo]( and i've been using the key ("<") between shift and "z" for area warded here ping. since last patch (9.3) the game doesnt react to it as if i was not pressing it, it doesnt use the ping and when i tried to re-bind it, the game doesnt react to the key (in-game and in the clients in game settings). my key works in the in game chat and here too so its not a question if my keyboard is broken or not. i've tried to reset every setting, i've deleted files from config, and tried to go into "presistedsettings.json" to bind the < key to the ping but it still doesnt work. extra information that may not be usefull but has to do with the keyboard: i've recently installed the microsoft japanese input software (for example you can have it as the usa qwerty or the french azerty by that and its inside windows) thanks edit: correcting stuff ingrish nut gud

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