Please help me - vsync problem

Hello everyone. I am using 60hz (forced to 72hz) monitor and I am playing on 1920*1080 with vsync enabled in in-game settings so my fps is capped to 72 hz. All of a sudden my vsync just stopped working. Like literally it has no effect, neither my nvidia control panel vsync settings or ingame vsync settings have any effect on Lol whatsoever. Now...I was playing on 'borderless' mode on my monitor's native resolution with vsync turned on in league settings and vsync - adaptive settings in nvidia control panel. BUT Now when I enter a game whether it's borderless or fullscreened, the game just ignores that vsync is turned on (ignores nvidia control panel settings aswell) and extends fps over 200 with massive screen tearing which makes me pop my eyes out and piss on them. Literally makes my game unplayable. BUT when I select 'windowed' mode with any resolution selected , then the vsync is not ignored by Lol and fps is capped to 72. Also when I go into 'borderless' again and select any other resolution besides my monitor's native res (for instance switching from 19201080 to 16001050) then it creates a window which is on center of my screen,(so I can see parts of desktop around it) then vsync-ing starts working again and caps my fps to 72. Now I've been dealing with this thing for good 6-7 hours, trying to figure out what the actual %%%% is happening with the game or my graphics card or nvidia cntrl panel and why it wont work as it was working before. Now my goal is to get borderless mode with 1920*1080 res with vsync working so I don't get the screen tearing. If someone can help, I would be really thankful... Also I've been installing/uninstalling/repairing client and uninstalling my graphics drivers, that didn't make any changes. My GPU is Nvidia GTX 750 1GB GDDR5. Also I'm having fresh installed windows 10 home, 64 bit. Kind regards, tuckerthekidd
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