New pbe signups

So bassicaly, some people have been trying to get on pbe for years and never got the change, and now allot of probably new players will get an account so easy. Is it just me or are these rules like the dumbest ive seen in years, so bcs i and others dont play enough or dont get honors. And yes even if u carry are nice in chat, there is still a way to not a single honor. for instance a friend of mine plays, good carries is nice in chat, but 90% of his time he gets 1 honor max from me or another team mate because others simply do not care to honor him or the other premades exchange their honors. basing stuf on honors is the biggest bullsh*t ive seen in years. and i feel bad for all the people who are screwed over by this, based of old bans or recent bans is a good way. The way this companny is developing the last year is sad, from weird decisions to employes who are toxic to other people. So tl;dr, WHY is this based of a new honor system which doesnt always aply equally???? and HOW on earth is it done like this?
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