I cant play a single game due to some weird bugs happening right after champ select

So, it's been a while since i know this bug. It came and went back a couple of times. But since few months, the bug is persisting. I can't play neither normal nor ranked games, and this bug almost got me banned from the game. Everytime after my champ select (and 20 minutes of leaver buster that the bug gave me) my screen turn black like if the game was loading, and suddently pops up a message that say "Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect". I tried to delete the logitech stuff in league's file and i've uninstalled / installed the game a couple of times. But its still the same. I also tried to give the game more permissions about network, connections and stuff. Nothing seems to resolve this bug and its really boring. Sorry for my english tho, and i hope some of you guys will find a solution to my problem.
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