{{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} Hello everyone. I have terrible news. My Tristanas are suffering. It is beacause I promised them that Dragon Trainer Tristanas will join them soon, but unfortunately due to unsufficient amount of RP I am unable to fulfill their dreams. Recently i bought some mystery gifts for my friends with a plan to keep enough RP to buy myself Dragon Trainer Tristana skin and just look what happened: [I CRI EVERY TIEM]( Due to this unfortunate miscalculation, I am unable to give my Tristanas a new friend... Just look at their sad faces when they found out the terrible truth... [classic]( [Riot]( [Rambogurl]( [Rocket Gurl]( Riot - You are the only hope for them. Please help me make their dreams come. Please, make the Christmas Miracle happen. Please... Mighty Riot, grant me these missing 6 RP to make them smile again. Don&#039;t ruin Christmas for them. We are counting on you guys :&lt;. Regards. {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:18}} PS. I am sorry if I posted it in wrong board. I am not 100% sure where posts like this should be posted.
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