Why is Riot Support so damn unhelpful?

Hey guys, last year my account got stolen. It was arround 13th December. I didn't even realise someone is playing at my account because I had a lot of school work and I had to prepare for entry exams to uni. So after I had all this done I finally managed to have some time for league and you know what? I just couldn't login.. So I have made a quick account to find out if somebody is not at my account and the match history was full of games in past week. As soon as I have seen it, I sent a ticket to league support about stolen account. It took them arround one 2 days to reply with something like 'Your account has been permanently suspended due to 3rd party script. We need to investigate it further, but you will most likely get your account back and blah blah' ... So I just replied with some more details, and well after like one week I finally got ther reply saying that my account got permanently suspended for violation against ToS.. So for real Riot? I didn't even have access to my account and got permanently banned? PS: I have spent something like 3k hours on that account and arround 100€..

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