Got ban without even playing...

Aw man, today at 8.6.2015. I entered LoL client and typed in my password and BOOM, account banned! So all started couple of days ago when I wanted to play with my friend. I sent him a message on our language and he answered "I'm boosting here", so I just said ok and started a game. But he asked me to play duo with him, I accepted and we played some games, we won them all and it was all fine. Next day he asked me to play, I said i was busy and he asked me to give him my account because he wanted to play in Bronze. I gave him my Username and password. He played 2 or 3 games and then we played together again. Next day he played ranked on my account A LOT!! I was playing normal games and one or two ranked games per day, like usual, but my Match history was full of ranked games with champions i don't even play. He apparently got banned because of flaming, but on my mail I got message with some words that he used, and it doesnt look so bad. I know that all kinds of flaming are bad but, he flamed like every other player. So I wanted to ask is there any way to I get my account back, change password and not let that guy play on it again. I don't flame at all, I think that won't solve any problems, I know that you won't belive me but i don't even care. I just want my account back if possible. Thank you very much.

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