RTX 2080 Super! Only possible to have 220 fps stable ? or is league just stupiddly unstable?

is it me or shouldn't a beast card like the 2080 super run at like 500+ fps? my rig 16gb ddr 4 ram RTX geforce super 2080 8400k mhz 8gb ram i.7 6700k. 1050k psu 240hz monitor for comparisons my 970 would bounce between 160 -180 fps were as the 2080 can keep a stable 220 in team fights ? is this normal ! i have full power to the card, i have xmp enabled for my Ram, no overheating. my cpu is using all 8 cores, i have all drivers installed, i have display port etc etc iv done bench mark tests and my machine is in the green - super high end... im pretty sure i have done everything on my end done correctly... or am i just stupidly over estimating the power of a High end graphics card? is this a me problem or is league trash ? am i missing something or am i being %%%%%%%%%%%
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